What everyone with a hobby should know about hosting websites and blogs

Some plain and simple talk about the development of website hosting that often sounds complicated.

1. Easy setup. It used to be that you needed a domain and web hosting account before you could even begin to think about creating a website. And if you wanted a blog, then you needed to set up a MySQL Database and upload and install a blog program like WordPress. Another option was to create webpages with HTML and upload, one page at a time. In short – you needed both the money to pay for the hosting account and time and knowledge to do the necessary programming.

That’s not how things work today.

You can have a fully functional website automatically created and ready for you to start blogging, upload pictures, videos or audio files, – all in a couple of minutes. This is possible because the evolvement of WordPress and what is called WordPress Multisite.

This is the technology we use here on 101hobbies.com to offer free WordPress websites. You still need to enter some information, like your name, the name of the site you want us to create and an email address to send the login information to. It’s all automated and free.

2. Easy to use. Blogging is not a technical issue any more. The development of visual editors and WISYWIG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality has made creating blog posts and pages as easy as using a wordprocessor. And the same goes with uploading and adding pictures, videos and audio files to your posts or pages.

3. Easy content creation. You still have to find content for your blog or website, but you don’t have to create everything yourself.

By using a concept like content curation, where you find and publish other people’s content on your blog, and support this concept with a WordPress plugin like the Autoblog plugin we have already installed on the websites we create, you could have a fully automated blog that builds itself. But be aware – to make a concept like this work you still need to take care of the responsibilities as the editor of your site.

Another option is to use a video camera or even a smartphone and create video or audio content and post it to content sharing sites like Youtube and iTunes.

In short – content creation is not as challenging as it used to be, and is hardly an excuse for not starting a blog.

4. Easy content syndication. Have you thought about what to do when you have created a blog post and published it on your blog? My guess is, if you don’t have a blog already, you haven’t.

But if you want other people to read your post, watch your video, or listen to your podcast, you need to promote it. There are several ways to do this, like sharing content on social media, on other people’s blogs, submitting a news or RSS feed, and submitting a sitemap to search engines.

To make sure your content is promoted, your news feed or RSS feed will be included in the feed we submit for the main site.

We have done the same with your sites sitemap. It will be included in the siemap we submit to search engines.

Your content, that is blog posts – not pages, will also be posted to our Facebook page.

So, even if you do nothing else but create and post new content to your blog, it will be promoted. Nevertheless, we have included several plugins to make it easier for you to use sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, to promote your content.

4. Several monetizing options. Should you want to take your blog one step further and make some money, there are several monetizing options avaiable with your website.

We have included a powerful Membership plugin, which means you can turn your website into a paid mamembership site and make content avaiable only to paid members. You can even create several levels of memberships.

We also include themes and plugins so you can set up your website to either sell services or products.

6. Easy payment processing. You can not make money with your website unless you are able to process payments.

There are several services, like Paypal, 2CheckOut, that provide processing of credit card payments, wire transfers, checks and so on. You don’t need any other authorization than signing up with the respective company.

All plugins that comes with your website and that is designed to require payments, will have several optional payment processing providers. You decide which one to use and set it up with the information provided by your selected payment processor. It’s as easy as cut and paste.

So – you know how easy it is to set up a website, and that sharing your stories, pictures, and videos is as easy using a word processor. That’s why you are going to love how easy it is to order your complete wordpress website so you can take your hobby to the next level.

Just click the “Order Free Website” link in the top menu, fill in your information and your website will be ready in minutes.

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